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Grand Valley State University Campus – Thursday, April 21st  (meet at the Schutte house- 11:00 AM)

Grand Valley State University Graduation @ Van Andel Arena- Friday, April 29th (meet at the Schutte house – 5:00 PM)

Grand Valley State University Graduation @ Van Andel Arena – Saturday, April 30th (meet at the Schutte house – 9:00 AM)

Questions and more information: Text or call Pastor Daniel Schutte @ 616-970-4432

“If you forbear to deliver those that are drawn to death…

And those that are ready to be slain…

If you say: Behold… we knew it not

Does not HE that pardons the heart consider this?

And HE that keeps your soul…

Does He not know this?

And shall HE not render to everyone according to their works?”    Proverbs 24:11-12


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