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A Brief History Of GOD’s Dealings With
The Inner-city Church Planting Mission:
November 4, 1980 to November 4, 2022
“One generation shall praise THY works to another, and shall declare THY mighty acts. “Almost immediately from the day of his spiritual birth (September 28, 1977), the LORD was placing a burden on Daniel Schutte’s heart for the inner-cities of the United States. It started with one or two week missionary travels to the inner-cities of Chicago, Philadelphia, Toronto, Washington D.C., Minneapolis, Boston, Buffalo, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Detroit, etc. Traveling by train or bus, he would take his guitar and some tracts, and play or speak to anyone who would listen. For economy sake, he would stay in rescue missions or other CHRISTians” home.
It was while he was working on North Division Avenue (in Grand Rapids” inner-city), and driving home down South Division Avenue five nights a week, that he was especially moved with the need for JESUS CHRIST in the lives of the people he saw along the way.


Division Ave Looking North


Although he was already doing occasional street evangelism in the city (with a good friend from a local Bible school), it wasn’t until another friend suggested they “walk” South Division and share the LORD with the needy people there, that the outreach actually began.

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