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It was soon after this, that Daniel was greatly burdened of GOD to live among the people he ministered to. So with the full consent of all his authorities, he moved into room 98 of the Herkimer Hotel on the evening of August 17, 1982.Now the Bible studies could be conducted in his hotel room, without fear of interruptions and extra expense.The room quickly was becoming too small though. At times we would have fifteen to sixteen adults in a 10 x 14 foot room. There was no more space for chairs or people to sit on the floor.

The Herkimer Hotel

The Division Street Fellowship

After much prayer and waiting upon the LORD, HE supplied our present meeting place (a converted store-front), at 229 S. Division. It was with much joy and anticipation that we moved in on August 13, 1985. For two years it doubled as Daniel’s living quarters. We had already been functioning much like a local church for several years, since we had appointed elders and were meeting for the mutual breaking of bread. It was soon after that The Division Street Fellowship was chosen for a name.
Over these forty-one years, we have not just been a ministry to reach Grand Rapids however. Mostly through the vehicle of mass evangelism, we have been able to reach out to over 100 different cities, in all 50 American states, and 192 different foreign countries. We have also ministered on 11 different U.S. college campuses.

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