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August 23, 1990 was the date of the fulfillment of a “vision” we had had here at the I.C.P.M. for almost five years. For it was on this day, that the I.C.P.M. was asked by the former Westside Baptist Chapel to come and help with the work they had already begun two-and-a-half years earlier on the near west side of Grand Rapids. This is an area we had had a burden for since 1985.

The Butterworth Street Fellowship

Our present location is in a converted store-front at 753-755 Butterworth Street S.W. We’ve renamed the church The Butterworth Street Fellowship.

1204 Hovey Street

It was May 21, 1994 that the LORD opened up a third neighborhood for us to minister in. For this was the date that a friend of the I.C.P.M. purchased a house for Daniel and Kathy Schutte at 1204 Hovey Street on the southwest side of the city.
In the twenty-six years that Daniel has lived there, the LORD has allowed them to reach many people with HIS Word and Gospel through various organized programs and just being neighbors. Several have been genuinely born-again and are being discipled at the Butterworth Church, and several that had known the LORD but had “drifted away” from living for HIM, have made fresh spiritual commitments and are also being discipled at the Butterworth location! Note: Although the LORD has closed the doors for the present, HE gave us very prosperous opportunities of ministry in three other Grand Rapids locations. For four years (1990-1994) on Lynch Street, located on the southwest side; for one year (1991), on Bridge Street located on the northwest side; and four years (2000-2004) on Plainfield Avenue located on the northeast side. We feel that perhaps these same neighborhoods will again be opened up to us in the future as the LORD leads.

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